M8 Greyhound

Update 24-04-2013:

This video shows the current textured look. As you can see the textures done previously for the wheels and jerrycan have been ditched. Simply not good enough so I will be redoing those.


M8_wip_0039M8_wip_0040 M8_wip_0033


The M8 is very much under construction.

The modeling needs some finishing touches but is 95% done. Left to do: suspension on the back wheels, .50Cal MG, Engine block and gearbox on underside, some little things here and there.

UVs have been created for pretty much everything but need to be organised.

Rigging is done on the wheels, 6 wheel drive axles, steering and turret. Left to do is the suspension front and back as well as the .50cal.

Update 12-02-2013:

I am starting to texture this puppy now using Mari! Great fun, learning a lot at the moment.


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