Here you can find our training videos about Modo, Mari and Nuke.

What makes you think you can teach anybody anything?

That is a good question. First of all, we don’t presume we’ll be able to give amazing training, but we’ll try our best.

Modo: Wiek has trained Mike in Modo over the years, he has been using Modo since version 101.

Mari: Mike will try to teach an old dog new tricks and get Wiek trained up in Mari. Wiek doesn’t know Mari at all but is a very experienced texture painter in 2d. Hopefully he’ll be able to get good results quickly with Mike’s help and you’ll be right there every step of the way.

Nuke: Mike hasn’t ever done compositing, which will be a very interesting new challenge. Wiek has been compositing for many years, not in Nuke however. So this will most likely be the most challenging part of it. But who knows what will come out :)

What topics will you cover?

We’ll use the current project to create tutorials along the way as we go through the various steps. We intend to keep these videos fairly short and clear.

- How do we go from modo to Mari in the best way, starting with a single object.

- How do we assign shaders, what to think about.

- Creating brushes and using texture stencils.

- Save brushes, textures and colours on a shelf.

- Making layers like photoshop.

- Sending textures back to modo, how to assign them to the shaders in modo.

- Adjusting textures in mari after seeing renders in modo.

- Creating variations of objects with masks, procedural shaders or multiple UV sets.

- For the M8 armoured car, what would be a great way to lay out the UVs for optimum workflow across mari and modo.

- M8, discussion about 1 material to rule them all, using texture maps to control specularity and colour, or splitting up in to different materials.

- M8, show progress in texturing, start to finish and how it was weathered etc.

- M8, variations in textures.

- M8, setting up shaders and render in modo.

- M8 and Sherman, how do they match across two different artists, how can they work in the same scene.

- M8 and Sherman, lighting setup and compositing in a shot.

And so forth.

If you have any special requests, we’ll gladly listen to them! Drop us an email or comment on the site in the comments section.